Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Occupying My Sewing Room!

I had planned to do a lot of sewing during
Occupy Your Sewing Room week,
but life had other ideas, as it often does.

On the 4th of November, I found out that the Chevrolet dealership where I'd worked for over 21 years had lost their Chevrolet franchise.  As I am a Chevrolet/GM warranty franchise = no warranty repairs = no job.  So, as of December 1st, I'm unemployed.
Amazing how that just sucked the creativity out of me.

But, when I started taking the photos for this post,
I found that I had actually accomplished a few things!

Not a lot of sewing, but some, and quite a bit of crocheting.

Without further ado,
here's what I did in my sewing room:

These are travel tissue holders.
They were so easy!
I used the tute here, at Melinda Quilts ETC.

Pot holders, pot holders, and more pot holders!
They're all single crochet with 100% cotton yarn.
What do you think many of my friends are getting this Christmas?

This was a commissioned piece - a 4 foot tall stocking,
made of fleece.  The client provided the fleece, and it's pretty thin, so I double sewed the seams.  I am quite proud of myself for remembering to put the hanging loop on it, and for sewing it in the right way the first time!  lol

And last, but not least...

I loved this Going Coastal fabric the first time I saw it!
(by Emily Herrick for Michael Miller Fabrics)
It has such a wonderful hand, it was hard to stop fondling it.  This little table runner almost literally took me 20 minutes to make, including the cutting!

There you have it.
I occupied my sewing room - some times my actual sewing area at home, and sometimes my space at Auntie's Ceramics, where Mary Ann, the owner, graciously lets me hang out.
(all the photos were taken at Auntie's)

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I did -
now hop over to Cat Patches for the Occupy Linky party & see what others did during their Occupation!