Tuesday, January 1, 2013

December 2012 NewFOs

I'm linking up to the final 2012 NewFo over at Cat Patches!
Here are the things I started (and even finished [one]!):
First are 1/2 sized sample blocks that I made for Walter & Judy's quilt.  I put 'em together & sent it up to them to see how it might look - and to use as a place mat for their cat Elizabeth's dishes.
I decided that the coins need to be wider,
with narrower borders around them.
But that's the whole point of samples, right?

I had fun trying out some FMQ while I was at it too.
Next is a block I made just because I felt like sewing

I just kept pulling scraps out of my bag
& sewing them together a la 15 Minutes Play.
And finally, I wanted to make some
Criss Cross coasters for a friend of mine.
I decided to make half of them straight & half diagonal.
They should be finished today.
Started with 48 4.5" squares,

Then lots of ironing & more pinning than I usually ever do.

So that's that!
Onward to 2013!!
Happy New Year!