Saturday, February 26, 2011

Foto Finish - Dots

Every week, Barbara at Cat Patches posts a new topic for a Foto Finish.
This week it's DOTS ~ and here are my DOTS...

This was the first picture I thought of when I read that DOTS was our topic of the week. 


while I was looking through my files to find this one,
I came across THIS photo, and just had to post it too!

This was a Christmas gift from my Secret Santa a few years ago.

Hop on over to
to see some more wonderful DOTS!
And next week, why don't YOU join in on the fun?

Have a great week!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A fund-raising quilt for the Jason Tennies Memorial Foundation - the beginnings.

And away we goooooo....!!!!

This is my first sketch for the quilt:

Next I used my cool Inktense pencils to make a color sketch.
I actually only did half of it, then scanned it, copied & flipped that half & joined it together so I could fit it all on one page.

The colors don't show up very well in this photo.

Then Sara & I went to Ginger's Quilt Shoppe in Upland, CA & bought the fabrics.
Since I don't have a dryer just now,
Sara took it all home with her & prewashed everything.
Then she sewed together all the Nine-Patch blocks,
and brought them to me.

And I cut them all apart again!

Now it's my turn to start sewing.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*to be continued*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Happy Quilting!


Friday, February 18, 2011

We have a winner!

I went the very low-tech way to pick a winner....

First, I wrote the numbers for each comment on a paper...

Then I folded them up so the numbers didn't show...

I grabbed my clean mug...

And dropped in the folded up number papers...

Then I asked my co-worker to pick one out...

And unfold it...

And the winner is Jodi, from come tarry with me!
Congratulations Jodi!  I'll be sending you an email shortly for your mailing info.

Having a giveaway was a lot of fun ~ I'll have to do it again!

Have a lovely weekend!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fund Raising Quilt for Jason Tennies

It was a beautiful Saturday morning in Southern California.  The skies were clear & blue, the temperature in the morning was in the high 60s.
My friends, Dave & Linda Tennies, lost their son Jason last September, due to the rapid onset of mental illness.  He was a bright & creative young man.  He was getting ready to transfer to a 4-year college, was a wonderful musician & had even started his own business teaching guitar. 

On Saturday, February 5th, a tree was planted in his honor, in a park near where he died.  I would guess that over 50 people showed up for the ceremony.  Jason's music was playing while the crane lifted the tree into its prepared location.  When it was in place, Dave talked a bit about mental illness, and that he & Linda were working on a fund raiser:  the Chino Valley Walk for Mental Health in Memory of Jason Tennies.  They have a location & the okays from the city, and are working on getting the local press & politicians involved.  Already the four main mental health associations are involved with the event as well - the first time all four have been involved in the same event, as far as I know.  For more information about the walk, there is a brand new website:

I told Dave that I would make a quilt for it, and asked what colors Jason liked & he said "purple & green".  Right then I knew that Sara would work with me on it - purple is her favorite color.  ;^)  

I spent several hours on Monday working on a design for the quilt.  I have been wanting to do a Disappearing Nine-Patch for a while, so I decided to incorporate that into the quilt, using those blocks to surround the center which will have an appliqued guitar.  I want to make the D9P blocks with purple, green & a black and white musical notes print. The first planning meeting for the walk was yesterday, and Dave & Linda were very happy with the design.  :^D

After the meeting, Sara & I went to Ginger's Quilt Shoppe in Upland, and found the perfect fabrics.  We'll be starting on it next weekend.  Wish us luck! 


Don't forget, I have a little giveaway going on until the 17th!  You can find it here.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What an Evening!!

Tuesday was a great night!
First, was quilt class.  I packed up my Janome into the rolly cart & began building the batik blocks for the quilt that's for ME!   

Next, I stopped at my mailbox & not only were the awesome linoprints I ordered from last week there, but there was a squishy envelope with a quilt in it.  It was from a doll quilt swap I participated in.  It's so cute & the colors go great with my new RED chair too!

Then, I got an email from Jake Finch, one of the editors of Quilter's Home magazine.  I was lucky enough to meet Jake when I was on the board of the Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds.  Not only is she an awesome quilter & teacher & writer, but she's just plain a LOT of fun!
Anyway, she told me that QH is aiming to get 1000 friends on Facebook by March. 

Since I'm a big fan of QH, and this is my 20th post, I thought ~ "Hey, a round number!  It must be time for a bloggy giveaway!"

I went through my stash, and came up with these 2 half-yard cuts, just waiting to take a trip to your house!

So here it is:  hop on over to Quilter's Home Magazine on Facebook and "Like" them.  Or, if you already "Like" QH, leave me a comment & tell me that!  Come back here & leave me a comment telling me you did it, by midnight Pacific time, on Thursday, February 17th.  I'll throw the names in a bowl & pick out a winner & announce it on Friday the 18th.

That's all.  That's not too bad, is it?  Only one "hoop" to jump through.  Good luck!