Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Travelin' Dad

What a great time I had last night!  My Dad is on one of his occasional trips from Arizona to No. California.  He always stops first in So. Cal. & rests for at least one night, and as many of my aunts & uncles & cousins that can make it, all go out for dinner.  This time, he's staying 2 nights, so just he & I went to dinner last night.  We went to BJ's Restaurant & Brewery ~ he told me to choose, and I had a hankering for a Pizookie!  We each had a giant, delicious Cobb salad & a chocolate chip Pizookie.  And we talked & talked!
I love listening to Dad's stories, even the ones I've heard before!  The best from last night was from when he was a boy (the 3rd of 7).  His Dad was the BOSS of the family.  They were all to be home and at the table for dinner, the only excuse was if you were working at a job.  And when he said "Shhhh!", EVERYONE shushed.  One night, his Dad shushed, and cocked his head to the side, listening.  He said he thought he heard something out in the garden.  "Bob & Norm, you boys go out and see who's out there."  My Dad said that he & Uncle Bob figured it was some neighborhood boys out there & they'd get to kick their bums!  So he & Bob quietly went out the back door, and around to the side where the garden find a great big MAN there!  Dad (Norm) said "There he is Bob!  Let's get him!" and then realized that Bob had turned around & ran straight across the street to the neighbor's house, who was a constable!!!  At this point, Dad said that he was paralyzed!  He said that he couldn't yell, or move his legs or arms...and that big man was coming right for him!  The man picked Dad right up - and started laughing, saying Norm was the bravest boy he'd ever seen ~ the big man was my Grandfather!!  He had snuck out the front & around to the garden.  He carried Dad back into the house & told everyone how Norm had stood his ground and was just the bravest boy, while Bob had taken off running across the street.  My Dad says that that was pretty tough to live up to - being the Bravest Boy!
So, tonight some of my aunts & uncles & maybe some cousins are coming & we'll all go out to dinner.  I don't know where we'll be going, but I do know we'll have fun.  And then Dad will take off tomorrow to continue his trip.

From the back, L -> R are Donald & Keith (Pete),
next row is Richard & Hap, then in front, Norm & Bob
Dad, 4 of his brothers & his sister-in-law, were all in the service during WWII.

Oh, did I mention...Dad will be 94 this May.

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  1. Are you recording these stories so that they will live on long after Dad is gone?


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