Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Few New Projects

I'm linking up to the 2013 NewFO party at Cat Patches!
I haven't done any quilty sewing, but I have been crocheting.
First are a couple Cowl scarves:

I used this pattern from
Kay's Crochet Patterns.
Then I made a few new
Happy Bowls.

I had a request for a green (St. Patrick's Day) bowl.
I made 2 & let her pick which one she liked best.
I will be sewing on Super Bowl Sunday.
I think I may even work on a quilt for ME!
You can see lots of other great projects
in the linky party



  1. Look at you go! I love those green bowls.

  2. I lo9ve to crochet bowls and then use them in my sewing area and on my desk. I have lined them with leather and also used circles of leather on the bottom to keep them from sliding so easily. I like the yarn you chose for the bowls here.


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