Wednesday, June 26, 2013

52 Photos Project: Neon Color

This week's prompt at
Neon Color.
It wasn't easy to find something neon colored.
I drove through the Old Packing House area in Claremont,
last night, and of all the shops that are there,
only ONE had actual neon!  Of course, it wasn't in an easily accessible area for me.
I decided I would come home & go online to see if there was a neon shop anywhere nearby.
Before I made it all the way home, I thought I would check out a small strip mall close by.
And look what I found!
An actual neon sign!
Check out the
for more neon colors.


  1. Fantastic! I was looking for someting fun like that. The best I could do was "Tanning" which is boring in comparison. Great shot!

  2. And what a great image you found! Definitely worth the driving.

  3. A brilliant find! well done. I was so hoping for something luck.


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