Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Being Afraid?

A few years ago I took a 2-week-long roadtrip for my vacation.  It seems that whenever I talk about it, one of the first questions I am asked is "Weren't you scared to do that by yourself?".  No, not really.  I drive alone every day!  Why should a road trip be any scarier than the freeways in SoCal?  I did charge up my pre-paid cell phone & add some minutes to it - something I don't usually do.  (Yes, I am the one that doesn't normally carry a cell phone!)  I didn't do much driving after dark & I didn't stop in deserted areas.  At that time I didn't have GPS either, but I had a plethora of maps.  I may not be very good at geography, but I AM very good at reading a map - even a topographical one.  I only sort of got lost once.  I say 'sort of' because it turned out that I was going in the right direction, but the road construction tricked me a bit.  Well, that, and the disappearing house at the end of that day's drive....but that's for another day.
It would have been nice to have had a co-driver, so that each day's driving could have been farther. Less of my pictures would have been taken through the windshield.  We could have stopped & looked around more often.  I think I would have gotten off the road in Texas where I saw my favorite sign - it was painted on the fascia of the roof of a gas station next to the highway.  It said:  "DIESEL     FRIED     CHICKEN".  Not sure I want to eat that chicken, but the sign just tickled me.  Oh, and I wouldn't have had to talk to myself so much either.
I'm thinking about another roadtrip, maybe next year.  Anyone want to tag along?  Try some diesel fried chicken?

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