Thursday, September 23, 2010

Quilts for our Soldiers in Afghanistan

I'm not sure just how long ago I made this quilt top.  I am pretty sure that I made it as a mystery quilt on a one-day email mystery.  It had been languishing in my UFO (UnFinished Object, for any non-quilters who may happen upon my blog) cabinet for quite some time.  Then, one of my online quilting group posted a topic that changed that.
"Jan in VA" wrote that she had been talking to her daughter on the phone, and much of that call was about Jan's son-in-law, an Army Captain recently re-deployed to Afghanistan.  He had asked his wife if possibly her mom & some of her mom's friends could make a few small, colorful quilts for his men's barracks.  Jan, in turn, was asking us if we could send her some quilt tops (she would arrange for them to be finished).  I immediately looked at my UFO cabinet, got this one out & measured to see if it would fit the bill ~ and it did!
I got it mailed out & it actually turned out to be one of the first ones she received!  :^D
I'm not sure how many she's gotten so far, but on just the first page & a half of the post, there were at least 10 promised & there are many more pages than that.  Many of them are even finished quilts.  Her home quilt guild members are also contributing quilts & helping her with all the finishing that needs to be done. 
I was quite honored when Jan told me that she had sent my quilt top with someone to use as a visual aid in some fundraising for the project!  It may have already been layered & quilted by this time, and hopefully it will soon be on one of our soldiers cots, spreading a little (a LOT) of brightness in their desert.


  1. Enjoyed your post! Look forward to more!

  2. I'm am a third generation native Californian which makes Kira and Josh fourth generation! My grandmother used to pick berries and sell pies in the original road side stand for Mrs. Knott...;-)
    Good Blog - I have one around here somewhere...need to find it and maybe post something worthwhile.


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