Sunday, March 27, 2011

Foto Finish - Pink

OK, I'm not too much of a "PINK" kinda gal.
When I saw that this week's theme for Foto Finish was 'Pink',
I thought, "Well, I could show my photo of pink geraniums that I took at Ruth's, I think I want to do something different."
So I thought, and I thought, and couldn't think of anything else.
I walked into my Fabric Shoppe room.
A few years ago, my sisters gifted me with this room,
buying lovely Billy cabinets from IKEA.
Building the cabinets, going through all the bags of fabric
that were piled up on the floor & organizing it all. it is, direct from the Fabric Shoppe...


I don't have much pink fabric, but I do like the way it looks here!

As an aside, there are THREE cabinets in the room,
and all the fabric I had didn't fit into them!
Even after we had to throw away a bunch that was ruined by the water leak.

Here's another picture of this cabinet, still not the whole thing,
but it will give you a better perspective of how much pink is there:

I only straightened up the pink pile a little bit.
I promise!

If you would like to see more PINK photos,
click on over to Cat Patches Foto Finish -
and maybe even add some PINK of your own!!

Hope you're having a fabulous day!


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  1. I love your pink! Pink is apparently one of my favorite fabric colors because I end up with so much of it that I have to forbid myself to buy more. Same with red and blue. Orange is what suffers. I love different takes on the theme. Good work!


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