Sunday, April 17, 2011

Foto Finish --- Blooming Trees

All week long I've been looking for trees in flower
for this week's Foto Finish assignment.
It seemed like every time I saw a likely subject,
either I didn't have time to stop,
it wasn't safe to pull over,
or there was no parking anywhere in the vicinity!
So, back to the archives for me....

This is a Bottlebrush, or Callistemon, tree.
They are native to Australia,
but I grew up with them in Southern California.

To see more blooming trees, or share some of your own,
pop on over to Cat Patches and check out Foto Finish!

Enjoy today!



  1. I'm very familiar with Bottlebrush. I first saw them in Hawaii, where they are known as "Pele's Tears." The legend has it that if you pick one of the blossoms, it will bring rain. Since it usually rains a little each day in tropical Hawaii, the legend seems to hold sway. Great choice. Thanks for posting to Foto Finish!

  2. Very pretty. I can see why it got it's name.

  3. Thank you for this picture! I too grew up in SoCal and we had 2 of these in our front yard. Brings back so many memories.


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