Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ginger's Quilt Shoppe!!

After our committee meeting today,
for the Jason Tennies Memorial Foundation's Walk for Mental Health,
my friend Sara & I went to
Ginger's Quilt Shoppe in Upland, CA.

Sara & I had purchased all of the fabric
for the guitar quilt at Ginger's,
and thought we would take the top up there to "show & tell".

Linda, Ginger's daughter & co-owner of the Shoppe was there.
We decided to take a leap,
and ask if it would be possible for them to quilt it on their long-arm
as an 'in-kind' donation.
Linda asked if we could come back tomorrow, as Ginger does the actual quilting & they would both be in the shop then.
But we talked a bit about what we would like done on it & she mentioned that they had a musical notes all-over quilt design. 
She went into the back to get the
quilting pattern book to show us.

When she came out,
she told us that she had texted Ginger...

and Ginger said YES! 
She would quilt it at no charge to us!!!!


Thank you Thank You THANK YOU!!
to Ginger & Linda!

Ginger's Quilt Shoppe

Ginger's Quilt Shoppe
1120 Dewey Way, suite B
Upland, CA  91786
(909) 920-3099

I hope your weekend turns out as great as mine has!


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  1. THanks so much Ginger and Linda, your kindness and generosity is overwhelming.

    Dave and Linda Tennies
    The Jason Tennies memorial Foundation


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