Sunday, June 26, 2011

Foto Finish --- Something Blue

This week's Foto Finish assignment is Something Blue.  I could have taken a picture of my stash, or even of my closet & found lots and lots of blue...but THIS is my favorite blue thing!  My 2006 Chevy HHR - aka "Hank Hoo-Ray".  This was shot at a rest area in New Mexico I believe, during the solo roadtrip I took in 2007, traveling from So. California to Arizona, & Missouri, then up across the north to Idaho & back home again. 
To post your own "blue something", or to see what blue stuff others have posted, head on over to Cat Patches!

Have a great week!


  1. What a fun-looking car. That rest area looks familiar. It looks like Southern NM. traveling is such fum.

  2. Very pretty blue car!
    And just something completely random you probably don't know about me- I've also taken a road trip between California and Arizona ... back in 2001/2002 :)

  3. Great color of blue!!!!! I have fallen in love with quilting with blues this past month and love love love them! I can't believe I am only now appreciating them. FUN photo! Em

  4. I've got a blue car, very old, slightly crumpled around the edges, no where near as glamorous as Hank Hoo Ray! Solo road trips are so much fun. Bluebell and I used to go on lots of adventures, I think that's why I can't part with her.


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