Saturday, July 30, 2011

Foto Finish --- Farm Fields

This week's Foto Finish topic is
Farm Fields.
Living in the suburbs,
you might think it would be hard for me to find
some farm fields to shoot.

this was taken right across the street from where I live!

I was a bit disappointed that the gate was closed
when I went to take my pictures,
but even with the chain link fence
 I think you can still tell what it is.

Honestly, I have no idea what is growing here.
It sort of looks like Iceberg Lettuce,
at least in a couple of the rows.

They also have grown hay and corn here too.
After they harvest the corn,
they also use the rest of the plant for silage
to feed the cattle at Cal Poly.

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Have a great weekend!



  1. It looks lovely. I love farm buildings. Too bad you were locked out.

  2. Stoopid gates ;)
    Amazing to live across from that in surburbia!


  3. My house is surrounded by Australian bush, I'd have to drive a while to see a field. That's fun that you have one across the road!

  4. Hi Sue! I noticed that you left a comment on Debby's blog regarding the L.A. County Fair and the Claremont colleges. I had to come by and say "hello" since we are neighbors. I live in Glendora, and both my husband and I graduated from Cal Poly many years ago. In fact, my daughter will be attending Cal Poly this fall. It's such a small nice to meet you!


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