Thursday, July 7, 2011

Little Zippy Bag Swap, part 2

This is the bag that I ended up making
for my swap partner:

I followed the tutorial here at
Her directions were very easy to follow,
although, while it was still
inside out,
it looked to me like it was going to have holes in it.
I figured I could hand sew them...
but once it was right side out
the holes disappeared!!
Just like magic!
I am very happy with how it came out.
I may just make one for myself now.

These are the crocheted bags I made
to send along with it.

The string bag was an experiment.
I wanted to try one with a round bottom,
but couldn't find a pattern for that.
So I made it up!
Not bad, since I've only recently learned
how to follow a crochet pattern.  :D
The colors don't show up well in the pics,
the light part is actually a pretty, pale yellow.
I also sent a package of 2 rotary cutter blades too.
Just because I was so late!

Hope you're having a great July!


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