Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tortured Rose Garden

I know people who love to garden.
That's not me, however.
My Dad told me that not being a gardener is in my genes.
It seems that my Great-Grandfather, Jerome Laughton, left the Orkney Islands in Scotland, in part because he didn't like farming.  He emigrated to Toronto, Canada, and then my Grandfather, Herbert Laughton, came from Canada to California, and was a reed furniture maker.
Dad, a carpenter, construction inspector, and builder, also didn't like to do yard work.
My Mom, a Smith, on the other hand, loved to work in the yard & always had lovely gardens.  Both of my sisters do too.
Not me.
I'm all Laughton in this regard!
When my Mom wanted to move back to So. Cal, I found a place for us that had lots of flowers & a decent yard.
Then she decided she wanted her own place
& I was left here with 13 rose bushes, a plethora of irises, and various other growing, flowering plants.
I haven't watered or fed them in years.
My gardener prunes them back for me once a year
(I instantly scar if scratched by a rose thorn).
This year he was a bit behind on the pruning part -
it was actually done just about 6 weeks ago.
During the last 6 weeks, we've had about 5 weeks of temperatures in the 90s - 100+.
All that just to show you these photos
that I took yesterday (Friday):

We had a good rain finally, on Thursday.
I'm looking forward to seeing what the irises get up to now!
Not bad for not being a gardener-type, huh?
Happy Autumn!!

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  1. Your garden thrives just to spite you. Beautiful roses.


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