Saturday, October 27, 2012

Foto Finish - Creepy or Spooky

It's Saturday.
That means it time, once again, for
This week's theme,
just in time for Halloween,
Creepy or Spooky.
I didn't have anything like that in my archives,
but, while I was at Auntie's Ceramics today,
I took a quick pick of some of her decorations.
This lovely couple was originally used as decoration for a
bridal shower....
They are actually about life-sized, but I couldn't get back far enough to fit them in top-to-bottom.
Lovely couple, don't you think?
Pop on over to Cat Patches for more creepiness!
Happy Halloween!!!


  1. Some of your relatives, I presume? In laws perhaps?

  2. Were used for a bridal shower? I'd have loved to have seen the other decorations. Definitely creepy!

  3. Very creepy. I wonder if the theme followed on through to the wedding?


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