Thursday, November 22, 2012

Oh Thank Cuteness!

I'm linking up to Generation Q's
Oh Thank Cuteness for this Thanksgiving Day.
First, here is my contribution to the day's cuteness:
This is Elizabeth McInnes...

Before dinner!
Elizabeth was rescued by my sister & BIL,
Judy & Walter,
when they moved back to California from Australia.
She is currently in the continuing process of training them both.
Elizabeth is thankful for:
Bikkies (dry food)
Cushy Beds & Laps
The Hairbrush
& leftover cereal milk
I am thankful for:
My 95-1/2 year old Dad
My family, both born to and the one I've chosen
My friends, far & near & "electronic"
The job interview I have next Monday
and more that I can't even think of just now.
May you all have the most wonderful of days!

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