Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Final 2013 NewFOs!

This is it.
The final post for the 2013 NewFO Challenge

The first will possibly be a table runner.
Or maybe I'll add more to it &
make it a lap quilt.
I haven't quite decided.
The Christmas fabric squares were gifted to me from one of my guild members.

There weren't an equal amount of the different fabrics, so I had a bit of a challenge figuring out the placement.

These are on their way to becoming coasters:

Somewhere online I saw a post about this iron-on vinyl,
made by Heat n Bond.
Now you can see it on the right, before ironing.
I don't have an "after" picture yet - I chickened out!  I had visions of a vinyl-coated iron...
But I promise, I will show them again, when they're finished.  Honest, I will.

I did crochet a few scarves & did one fleece scarf with a lighthouse appliqued on each end, as well as crocheted several of my Happy Bowls, but I forgot to photograph them before they were given as prezzies.

So, that's it for me.
Thanks Barbara, for hosting the NewFO Challenge 2013 - and for doing it again in 2014.  You really are helping me keep on my creative side!

Happy New Year everyone!!



  1. Love those fabric squares. What about a pressing sheet for your vinyl?

  2. I think the fabrics placement looks great. If you had too even of a mix, it wouldn't look random. Good job.


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