Monday, May 23, 2011

Foto Finish --- Drama in the Sky

This weeks topic for Foto Finish is Drama in the Sky.

I love to take pictures of the sky - sunrises and sunsets with all their glorious colors, storm clouds & thunderheads, and lovely, puffy white clouds on one of those perfect days.

Today's picture was taken in late April 2007, on the last day of my 4500 mile roadtrip from California to Missouri and back.  I was making my way south from Idaho, through Nevada, and was almost to the California border.  I started out with some light snow in Idaho, and it had been raining on & off in Nevada, with mostly overcast skies.  All of the sudden, the clouds began to open up & this is what I saw:

When my sister saw this photo, she said:
"It looks like heaven."

If you have a picture of some sky drama,
or if you want to see more wonderful photos,
pop on over to Cat Patches, Foto Finish!

Have a great week!



  1. Just when I saw the image I thought, "It looks like the gates of heaven." I guess that makes it true if two people think so. Great shot.

  2. It's so hard to take a picture of the sky or clouds that make it really look the way you see it....Very nice and quick reflexes!

  3. I saw the same thing


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