Sunday, May 29, 2011

Jelly Roll Race at 1 Choice 4 Quilting

What a fun time I've had today!
I participated in 1 Choice 4 Quilting's
"Jelly Roll Race"!

I started out by making my own 'jelly roll'.
I went into "The Fabric Shoppe" -
otherwise known as my stash,
and picked out 20 different fabrics.
Then I cut two 2.5" strips from each one.
I sorted them and stacked them up,
trying to make sure that the colors
were well mixed up.
Most of them were blues,
with a couple blue & yellows,
a some reds.

Once I started sewing them together,
I discovered that the colors moved on their own
and clumped together!
But I really like the way it came out:

This is going to be the perfect size
for a couch quilt.
In person, it's a LOT brighter than it looks in this picture,
but of course the sun went behind the clouds
and the wind came up just as I was ready to
take the pictures.

I think I might be making some more of these!
The sewing took me less than 2 hours,
and I'm not very speedy at the machine.  :D

Hope you're all having a fun weekend!



  1. This is another on my mental list to try.... I love making things and not knowing how they will turn out!

  2. I saw the video of one of these races last week. Looks like a whole lot of laughs! You did a great job, Sue!

  3. Hi, Sue! I saw this but didn't have time to participate - now I wish I had! Those quilts came out so cute - so now I'm going to have to make one. Yours is so cute - whoop whoop!!

  4. I've done the JRR snd it takes longer than the 35mins. record!! But a fun afternoon. Great stash buster than comes out so pretty - you have proof of that. Nice job.

  5. That turned out awesome! I love the randomness of the strips, yet it all works together. Fun!


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