Saturday, August 13, 2011

Foto Finish --- Things That Are Slow

This week's Foto Finish theme is
This was a very fun one to think about.
First I went to the "usual suspects" - snails & turtles.
Then, in the car, I thought about that slow poke that was right in front of me, going 35mph in a 50mph zone.
Next I thought about time, how sometimes it seems to just dragggggggg.
But I wasn't sure how I could depict that in a still photo.
So, I have all these ideas percolating in my brain,
and I picked up my latest crochet project.
I had decided to make a string bag
out of actual string!
I really like how it feels & looks so far,
but...I've been working on this for at least
4 hours
and it's only this big:

(The hardest part was spelling with the string!)

And now, this next picture is
especially for
Barbara @ Cat Patches,
who organizes Foto Finish for us every week.
You see, she's just made her plans
to go to a big quilt festival
next year,
in Ireland!

I'll bet that the time between
is going to be
for her!!!

To see some more
slow things,
click on over to CAT PATCHES -
heck, why not link up with one of your own?!?

Have a terrific weekend!



  1. Love the "slow" photo! Very fun!

    I'll have to check back for Barbara's comment on the second picture. Very clever.

  2. Oh, I love this, Sue. I crochet too, and so I know how slow it can be . . . not as slow as knitting, however, which I only tried once. (That was plenty.) Love your calendar shot too. You are too clever. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Twenty years ago I started an afghan and it is still only 8 inches wide.

  4. Wow you really put some thought into this week. Love your interpretation of the theme. I am knitting a peggy square blanket for our expected new grandson who is due to arrive by c-section on Thursday morning. A perfect project for winter evenings.


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