Friday, February 28, 2014

2014 NewFO Challenge for February

This has been a pretty productive month for me!  My guild has a UFO Challenge going on this year.  We signed up to finish 6 of our UFOs - one every two months.  We numbered our six, and then every other month they choose a number at random & that's the one we're supposed to finish.  These were mine:

My friend Brad brought these 2 tea towels home from the U.K. and asked if I could make him a pillow with them...about 2 years ago!  My original plan was to sew them together & make one pillow, but they weren't the same size.  So I set them aside...and they were lost for a while...then found & lost & found again!  Then, instead of just adding borders onto the smaller one, I decided to go ahead and make 2 pillow covers out of them.  They ended up being almost king-sized bed pillows.  The top one I made the insert for it & it took my whole bag of fluffy stuffing.  For the other one, I took pity on myself & bought a nice, plump, queen-size bed pillow.

Next is this cunning hat I made for my pal Bill's significant birthday.  I couldn't find a pattern that I liked, so I just made it up as I went along.  Unlike the actual Cunning/Jayne hat, no stripes on this one, but I did use 2 yarns at once so it will be nice & toasty for him to wear in the desert while camping & using his new metal detector.

It looks beige to me on my laptop, but it's actually blue & blue-gray yarns.  

You might remember last month, I started a small quilt for Rilo the blanket hog, and then thought I might crochet a bed for her too.  Well, I did it!  When I get the binding on the quilt, I'll send this up along with it.  At first I was going to make something along the lines of a miniature dog or cat bed, with a dip in the front.  But then I googled to find out what size a hedgehog might like & discovered that they like to have a "hiding spot".  And, voila!

I hope Rilo likes it!

I also made a few more happy bowls, but these have lids.  They keep changing as I go along.

This one is fairly small - maybe 2 1/2" X 4".
Then I tried a new technique for starting the sides & I think I like it better.  They seem to sit a bit flatter.

 So that's what I've been up to.

Oh!  I did get a new-to-me painting!
This was painted by my sister, probably in the early 1960s.
My cousins found it while cleaning their late SIL's house & thought I would like to have it.

They were right!

And Barbara at Cat Patches & I both thought that this would make a fun quilt too - so this is a possible future NewFO!!!

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