Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Bit of Sewing for the Bridal Shower

I attended a bridal shower today.
We played some fun games - I don't care what anyone says,
I LIKE shower games!
We played one more traditional game where we were given a 'wedding ring' on a ribbon to wear & told not to say "Chelsea" (the bride), "Sean" (the groom) or "Wedding".
The penalty being the loss of our 'ring'.
The other games were all a little different.
One was a take-off on BINGO,
only we were given blank bingo cards & told to write in different bridal shower gifts into the squares.  Everyone had a free square in the center plus we all knew at least ONE gift she was getting!
Then, when Chelsea opened her gifts,
if it was one we had written down, we could cross it off.
5 in a row made a bingo!
The next one was a kind of Scattergories(c) game.
This time our papers had the letters
C - H - E - L - S - E - A
across the top, then different categories down the side.
We had to come up with (hopefully) unique words,
starting with each letter of her name, to fit those categories.  I'm not sure if I can remember them all, but here goes:  flowers, movies (romance preferred), Honeymoon destination, item of clothing, gem or jewelry, & item on a menu. 
I didn't manage to fill all of the boxes, but I did get the most points & won a lovely set of bath goodies!
For the last game we each got an envelope with
"Who's the Groom" on it.
We all opened them at the same time & whoever had the picture of Sean inside won.  The other envelopes had celebrity's faces instead!
So, all of that, just to show you what Sara & I gave to Chelsea! 
A while back, I did a post (HERE) talking about the wedding quilt that we are giving to Chelsea & Sean.
For the shower, I used some of the scraps leftover from the quilt & made 2 throw pillows to coordinate with the quilt.
So now they know what the basic colors of the quilt are,
but they still don't know what it looks like.

The Fronts

The Backs

Way back when we asked her what her favorite colors were, Chelsea said blue.
Blue-blue, not turquoise nor teal, but

Think we did OK on that?

I think they look pretty spectacular on my red chair.
Almost didn't want to give them away!

The wedding is in a few more weeks,
then I can post pictures of the whole quilt top.
We're promising the finished quilt
before their first anniversary!



Saturday, September 1, 2012

Foto Finish - WET

Since I could barely see out of the windows in my car,
I decided to run it through the $5 car wash the other day.
As I was sitting in the car,
waiting for my turn to be propelled through
the whips and rags, soap & water,
it occured to me that the (optional) theme for
FOTO FINISH this week is
What better place to find a photo of W*E*T,
in the So Cal droughtland,
than in a car wash?
Last time through I took a video.  You can see it here.
The hard part was picking just one.
I liked the way it looks like scratches on the glass,
but I think it's really just the water from the sprayers on each side of the car colliding.
If you want to enjoy some more
share something of your own,
click on over to
and join the fun!
Happy Labor Day Weekend!