Saturday, October 27, 2012

Foto Finish - Creepy or Spooky

It's Saturday.
That means it time, once again, for
This week's theme,
just in time for Halloween,
Creepy or Spooky.
I didn't have anything like that in my archives,
but, while I was at Auntie's Ceramics today,
I took a quick pick of some of her decorations.
This lovely couple was originally used as decoration for a
bridal shower....
They are actually about life-sized, but I couldn't get back far enough to fit them in top-to-bottom.
Lovely couple, don't you think?
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Happy Halloween!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Foto Finish: ORANGE

Yes folks, it's that time of the week again...
time for
This week our suggested theme is
Now, I suppose I could have picked out a pumpkin or Fall leaves or something seasonal along those lines.
But y'all know me better than that, don't you?

They've been doing a lot of road work around here lately,
I practically see this in my sleep.
(I probably should have one IN my house soon, if I don't get some of this stuff put away!)
But it IS a pretty orange, isn't it?
And, just so you don't feel cheated about the seasonal thing, here's a sneak peek of my Halloween costume (sorta):
My friend Mary Ann, at Auntie's Ceramics made this.  I love it!
She's made over 100 crocheted caps, all different kinds, & sent them to the Renown Children's Hospital in Reno, NV, after her grandson, off-road race driver, Justin Davis, visited them a few month's ago.
Why don't you click over to Cat Patches now,
check out the other ORANGE photos,
and share one of your own?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Foto Finish - Leaves

This week for Foto Finish,
our optional theme is
I know it's that time of the year, in
North America at least,
when the leaves are supposed to turn all those
gorgeous fall colors.
But I live in Southern California.
We rarely follow the rules here.
Well, at least not at my house!
I took this picture of the leaves on one of the rose bushes
in my Tortured Rose Garden
That would be
Friday, October 12, 2012.
While they do have that cool, Fall color scheme,
is isn't because they're getting ready to drop off,
but rather because they are
Brand New Growth!
Join in the fun -
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and share some of YOUR leaves!

Tortured Rose Garden

I know people who love to garden.
That's not me, however.
My Dad told me that not being a gardener is in my genes.
It seems that my Great-Grandfather, Jerome Laughton, left the Orkney Islands in Scotland, in part because he didn't like farming.  He emigrated to Toronto, Canada, and then my Grandfather, Herbert Laughton, came from Canada to California, and was a reed furniture maker.
Dad, a carpenter, construction inspector, and builder, also didn't like to do yard work.
My Mom, a Smith, on the other hand, loved to work in the yard & always had lovely gardens.  Both of my sisters do too.
Not me.
I'm all Laughton in this regard!
When my Mom wanted to move back to So. Cal, I found a place for us that had lots of flowers & a decent yard.
Then she decided she wanted her own place
& I was left here with 13 rose bushes, a plethora of irises, and various other growing, flowering plants.
I haven't watered or fed them in years.
My gardener prunes them back for me once a year
(I instantly scar if scratched by a rose thorn).
This year he was a bit behind on the pruning part -
it was actually done just about 6 weeks ago.
During the last 6 weeks, we've had about 5 weeks of temperatures in the 90s - 100+.
All that just to show you these photos
that I took yesterday (Friday):

We had a good rain finally, on Thursday.
I'm looking forward to seeing what the irises get up to now!
Not bad for not being a gardener-type, huh?
Happy Autumn!!