Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oh my! There are Legos in my Office!

Monkeys & Cars & Trees
to go with my nephews & Jack & postcards & noise maker

X-Wing Fighter with the Pig

Hey!  Where did THESE guys come from?

These pics are especially for Em!


A Bowl Full of Glass

I have a thing for Art Glass.
One of my favorite places is the
International Glass & Bead Company in Claremont, CA.
I haven't been there for quite a while,
as it isn't as convenient since they moved
into the "Packing House".
But they do have some wonderful glass there.
I also enjoy going to the glass blowers
in Benicia, CA,
Especially to go into the "seconds" room -
great bargains there!!!

Here are a few pictures I took this weekend:

art glass marble

These are "Doodads" ~ blobs of glass
that are "leftovers" from blowing glass.

Art glass paperweight.

A yummy bowlful of art glass.

Have a lovely week!


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Foto Finish --- Favorite Places

Time again for Foto Finish!
Our theme this week is
Favorite Places.

Being in my car,
driving on Interstate 5
is one of my favorites places to be.

Probably because it means
I'm on my way to visit my sisters.

To Share your favorite places,
or see more places,

Have a great week everyone!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Foto Finish - Things in the City

Things in the City is this week's Foto Finish theme.
If I knew where the key to my shed was,
there may have been a picture here
that was taken in Brisbane, Australia.
But, alas, it's hiding somewhere.

So I'll take you to
San Francisco

I was visiting my sister in Northern California,
and we decided to take a trip
into "The City".
The day was quite overcast,
but I had fun snapping pics as we drove around.

If you would like to share some
city things too,
pop on over to Cat Patches
and join in on the fun!


Friday, August 19, 2011

Kitty Wallhanging - Elizabeth

At my work, a few months ago,
we started planning a car show & movie night.
We started collecting some great things
to use for a raffle, with all the monies collected
going to 4 different charities.
My "team" chose the Inland Valley Humane Society,
so I decided that I would make a small quilt to donate.
And I figured that an animal quilt would go best.
The following pictures show the quilt,
from when "Elizabeth" was fused on

with her thread-painted face

and the trapunto, from the back.

More thread painting & quilting

Top border

One of the sides
(pebbles & weeds?)

The bottom border -
I signed & dated it here
and put the quilt's name "Elizabeth"

Showing the fabric I used on the back

And the whole thing!

I really like the way it came out.
I learned a lot doing this one.

Only one thing would have made this experience better...
if they had picked MY name for it at the raffle!!

This is the "real" Elizabeth.
She owns my sister & brother-in-law.

Have a great weekend!


Monday, August 15, 2011

Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap 4

For the second time, I joined in on the
The theme this time (#4) was "Bloom".
With a lot of help
from Angela's great tutorial here,
this is the card that I made & sent off:

My flower came out a bit larger than I expected,
but, no problem, I just cut my card stock bigger!

I hope my partner enjoys it
as much as I enjoyed making it.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Foto Finish --- Things That Are Slow

This week's Foto Finish theme is
This was a very fun one to think about.
First I went to the "usual suspects" - snails & turtles.
Then, in the car, I thought about that slow poke that was right in front of me, going 35mph in a 50mph zone.
Next I thought about time, how sometimes it seems to just dragggggggg.
But I wasn't sure how I could depict that in a still photo.
So, I have all these ideas percolating in my brain,
and I picked up my latest crochet project.
I had decided to make a string bag
out of actual string!
I really like how it feels & looks so far,
but...I've been working on this for at least
4 hours
and it's only this big:

(The hardest part was spelling with the string!)

And now, this next picture is
especially for
Barbara @ Cat Patches,
who organizes Foto Finish for us every week.
You see, she's just made her plans
to go to a big quilt festival
next year,
in Ireland!

I'll bet that the time between
is going to be
for her!!!

To see some more
slow things,
click on over to CAT PATCHES -
heck, why not link up with one of your own?!?

Have a terrific weekend!


Friday, August 12, 2011

Look What I Found on my Back Porch!

The other day when I got home from work,
I found 2 packages on my back steps!
I was expecting one, but there were TWO!!!

This is the expected one:

along with everything to make it!

Aren't these fabrics awesome?
There's even a cool zipper pull that is a dolphin.
(you can see it in the top left of the pattern picture)
It's the next on my 'to do' list now.
Wish me luck with the zipper....

The second little package
was a TOTAL surprise
from Em of Em Celebrates!
When I opened it up,
this cute little mushroom was inside:

recognize this fabric?
and inside was a piece of cotton batting

and inside the batting....

This gorgeous, blue, fused glass heart.
I love this.
Thank you Em,
from the depths of my heart.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Foto Finish --- Travel Images

Welcome to this week's Foto Finish.
Our theme for this week is
Travel Images.

I picked this shot that I took at a
Welcome Center in western New Mexico.

When I was on my roadtrip,
I always stopped at the first tourist center
that I encountered.  I especially liked this one
because not only was everyone I met friendly,
but there was another traveller there
who told a story about this sign.
It seems that her father, an artist, had been commissioned to make these "Welcome to New Mexico" signs, back in the 1940s I believe.  Originally, they were put at the state lines, but when the state decided to put larger & more modern signs up, they moved this one to the Welcome Center.
Personally, I think this sign is much more welcoming than the plain, green and white highway signs they have now.

To see more travel photos, or link one of your own,
pop on over to Cat Patches!