Friday, July 24, 2015


"You keep using that word.
I do not think it means what you think it means."
(William Goldman, The Princess Bride)
For the last few years I've been seeing more and more quilters, or, more specifically, quilt bloggers, using the term "low volume" in reference to a quilt. I believe what they are actually talking about is low contrast.    I imagine we all have those things that irk the heck out of us.  This is one of those things for me.
1.  a collection of written or printed sheets bound together and constituting a book.
2.  one book of a related set or series.
3.  a set of issues of a periodical, often covering one year.
4.  History/Historical. a roll of papyrus, parchment, or the like, or of manuscript.
5.  the amount of space, measured in cubic units, that an object or substance occupies.
6.  a mass or quantity, especially a large quantity, of something:  volume of mail.
7.  amount; total:  the volume of sales.

  • opposition or juxtaposition of different forms, lines, or colors in a work of art to intensify each element's properties and produce a more dynamic expressiveness.
  • Photography. the relative difference between light and dark areas of a print or negative. 

You could have a low volume of quilts, meaning that you only have a few of them, as VOLUME speaks to an amount or quantity of something.  But if you are talking about the lack of differences in the prints in a quilt, that quilt would lack CONTRAST, "the relative difference between light and dark areas of a print". Volume already has a plethora of definitions, I don't think it needs other.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

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Friday, January 2, 2015

December 2014 NewFO Project

Starting off my last NewFO post, isn't even my NewFO...this is my TLC Quilters' President's Quilt, for serving two years as president.  Members of the guild made 9-Patch blocks and our past president, Jean Kuper collected them & then made a Disappearing 9-Patch quilt for me.  Another of our members, Virginia Martinez, quilted it on her long arm.  I love it!  And it was totally worth my two years volunteer time too.

Now, on to my NewFO...
Once again, it's crocheted.  I made some tiny Happy Bowls and turned them into pin cushions!

If you want, you can remove the pin cushion center & use the bowl as a thread catcher.  Since these were Christmas gifts, they were finished & given away already.

And now for a 2013 NewFO update!
Way back then, I started a braid quilt for my sister, Judy & her husband, Walter.  Well, except for the binding, it's now finished!  Judy's neighbor, Faye, did the quilting today on her long arm & will help Judy with the binding after I go back home tomorrow.  I think it came out pretty darned good!  Especially considering that those five braids were all bias on their outside edges!  As soon I as get this posted, I'll be cutting the binding for it.  It's a large queen-size, around 100" X 108" or there about.

It's been a lot of fun participating in Barbara's
NewFO Challenge!
Click on over to Cat Patches & check out all the others who have linked up.

Happy New Year!