Monday, November 7, 2011

Foto Finish --- Photographer's Choice

This week for Foto Finish,
our topic is
Photographer's Choice.

I took this picture when I was visiting Missouri,
staying with my friend Sara,
who has been my friend since 4th grade ---
back in the Dark Ages!
I was there in April 2007,
when things should have been green & in bloom.
Unfortunately, there had been a huge ice storm
shortly before I got there.
There is just something about the road sign
near the broken tree...
Why?  Why?

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Have a great week.



  1. What a strange sign. There must have been a Y-intersection just over the rise.

  2. That is indeed a funny sign. I've never seen one like that -- was it a route sign? Great capture! :)

  3. Yes, I live on Missouri State Road YY. Why? I don't know Why? After 3 miles the State Road ends and it becomes "Jugtown Road". There's lots of great State Road names out here. There's the intersection of "O" & "W" "OW" - which is "WO" from the other direction - one of my favorites.

  4. oh, and I should add - I'm really, REALLY glad to live on a paved road. Most of the roads out here are "chat" - that's gravel and lime. You can always tell the tourists - they roll down the road in a shiny black truck, crome rims - reach the end of the paved road, turn around quick and head back out. They're looking for Mennonite stores, but don't want to get their cars dirty. Or I should say, completely coated in white grunge.

  5. Great photo! Beautiful composition. I like the lines made by the road and winding creek against the greens. And there's even a mystery, the sign...


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