Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nosey Parker in the Neighborhood ~~~ part 1A

OK, when I did my original
Nosey Parker post,
I couldn't use the photos I had taken
of my house because the ones I had looked like things look when I'm not wearing my glasses!

Yesterday afternoon I the sun came out for a while, and I was able to get some pictures -
clear pictures!

So, this is my mobile home.

Here's the carport side.
On the right are some succulents,
Amaryllis, Agapanthas, Naked Ladies,
a small Date Palm & some things I don't know the name of.
On the left are a few of my roses and waaaay in the back, there is a Night-Blooming Jasmine going over the chainlink fence.  It smells heavenly when it's in bloom!

On the left side of the house is my front door & deck.  More roses & another Date Palm.
These roses are all part of my
Tortured Flower Garden.
I call it that because they pretty much only get watered if it's foggy or rainy, I don't give them fertilizer or food.

Across the front of the house are blue irises.
Right now they need to be trimmed,
but since it rained a tiny bit last week,
there is one blooming,
but I didn't have time to get a shot of it.

now you know what a
mobile home
looks like!

Happy Thanksgiving Week!



  1. It's lovely Sue. I'm envious of your roses. The deer were so bad about eating mine, I dug them up and put in an herb garden. The deer don't eat the herbs, but we do!

  2. Your garden is lovely especially seeing it only gets watered if it rains!!

  3. Wow I never would have guessed it was mobile! It's so cute! Wanna come visit and do something with my garden? You look much better at it than me LOL


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