Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Jelly of a Review!

Firstly, I do know Kay, who is Jam Anarchy.  But she did not ask for this endorsement,
and I did order & pay for the jelly I got.  It's just THAT GOOD!

Oh my goodness!
I ordered this Hot Pepper Confetti Jelly from Jam Anarchy,
and had it sent to my sister's house for us to try out when I was there for vacation.

We poured it over a small brick of cream cheese
it with a couple kinds of crackers.

If my sister hadn't been smart enough to use a
SMALL brick of the cream cheese,
we would have surely polished off the

Sorry, no pictures other than the one above,
which I nipped from their Facebook page -
there wasn't time.
It was just way too good to wait!

They only make jams & jellies in small batches,
and in some very fun & different flavors.
The latest one on their facebook page
is Bananas Foster -
doesn't THAT sound divine?

Jam Anarchy also does home "Jam Parties"!

Check Jam Anarchy out HERE &
on their facebook page, HERE!




  1. Lol! I learnt about jelly roll races from you and now your making my mouth water from reviews about deicious jelly. It sounds amazing!


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