Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nosey Parker in the Neighborhood!

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1.  Tell us about your home:  OK, I live in Walnut, California, U.S.A., between 2 colleges, Cal Poly & Mt. San Antonio.  Nearly every morning I drive through part of Cal Poly & get to see the world famous Kellogg Arabian horses.  They also have cattle & sheep too.  It's nice to have that bit of country feel.

I grew up in West Covina, CA - only 11 miles away from where I am now.  These are both suburbs, about 35 miles east of Los Angeles.  Being in So. California, the weather is fairly temperate.  No snow here, but I can see it in the local mountains.    In the winter, we do occasionally get below freezing, and in the summer, we do go over 100F, sometimes for a couple weeks.  It is the desert here, so not too much rain or humidity.

There are lots of valleys here, surrounded by hills & mountains.  I grew up knowing that NORTH was towards the mountains - I still have to concentrate if I'm somewhere where the mountains are in another direction - or there are no mountains at all!  It takes me less than an hour to drive to the beach, mountains or desert from here. 

2.  What are the houses like?  I live in a "mobile home community", which really isn't very mobile at all.  While my house does have axles under it, it hasn't seen tires since it was put in place here, probably in the 1970s.  I have a very small front yard, with blue irises across the front and 13 or 14 rose bushes at the sides. 

I don't have a garage, but I do have a carport, with another flower/plant bed along side it, full of succulents, agapanthas, naked ladies & .  My small backyard is full of, um, green "lawn" (weeds, shhhhhh!)  right now, and I have 2 little sheds.  Inside my 'tin' house, I have 2 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms.  It's sort of open-concept, with the living (lounge) room, dining room & den sort of blending together.  A decent sized kitchen, with the laundry area on one side.  Plenty of room for just me!  One of the bedrooms is named "The Fabric Shoppe".  That's where most of my stash lives.  :^)
There are also a lot of regular houses close by, as well as student housing.

3.  What are some of my favorites places to visit & things to do around here?  I do enjoy going for drives to the mountains or to the beach.  It's 45 minutes to Disneyland, 30 minutes to the L.A. Zoo, half hour to the Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden.  I haven't been for a while, but my "gang" likes to go rough camping in the high desert (that's north of here - on the other side of the mountains).  One time we had a group of over 45 people there for the weekend - a larger population than the closest town!  There are lots of things to do in So Cal!
4.  How do people travel around?  Cars!  Lots & lots of cars!  We do have a nice commuter train & bus system, but almost everyone has a car.

5.  Is there a type of famous food here?  I think the most popular food here is Mexican food - tacos, enchiladas, burritos, tostadas, taquitos.  Oh, I'm getting hungry now!  There are still some avocado groves & citrus groves around.  When I was a kid, I occasionally got into trouble for walking through the walnut groves after school, but they're gone now.  It is nice to be able to get a fresh orange or avocado pretty much any time I want to.




  1. wow sounds like you have a great spot! would be great to bring my girls to Disneyland one day :)
    Thanks for joining in!
    Can't believe no photos of you "mobile" home though ;) lol...

  2. Popping over for a snoop from Kat`s - I love the name of your you live! I would so love to visit California one day...

  3. It's so interesting to hear about where you live. It sounds like a great part of the world!

  4. Looks like you grow some beautiful flowers. Thanks for the peak into your life.

  5. I'm hungry now, too, and I just ate dinner! Maybe we will have tacos tomorrow night. Thanks for the tour!!! I love that your stash has its own bedroom:)

  6. No walnut groves in Walnut, California! It looks lovely and warm where you live and I love Mexican food. Thanks for showing us your vista.


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