Saturday, October 8, 2011

Foto Finish --- Old

For this week's Foto Finish,
our theme is

This is a Half Dime.
The Half Dime or Half Disme,
was one of the first coins minted by the
United States.
First minted in 1792, it underwent several design changes during the nearly 80 years it was made.
The five cent silver piece shown here features
the Seated Liberty design on the front.
The arrows on each side of the date
denote that the coin was struck at a slightly reduced
weight of 1.24 grams, from the original 1.34 grams of silver.
(The arrows were removed in 1856, although the weight remained at the lower amount.)
In 1873 Congress decided to revamp the entire coin system,
removing several denominations, including the half dime.

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  1. What a cool shot! I've never heard of this before! Is this a part of a collection of yours? Where did you find this? Truly fascinating.


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