Saturday, October 15, 2011

Foto Finish --- Orange

Every Saturday on Cat Patches,
it's time for Foto Finish.
Each week has a different theme,
and anyone who wishes to join in the fun
just needs to do a blog post
with one of their photos that fits into the theme.

I've been playing along for a while now
and it has been a LOT of fun!!

This week,
our theme is
(Did you already guess that?)
Here's my entry:

Did you realize
that the whole photo is
(well, except for the barbed wire)
Yep, it's part of a smallish grove
growing about a mile away
at Cal Poly University.

Here's a little more
for you!

Please!  Join in all the fun!
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See what photos other have linked up.

Have a GREAT weekend!
I'm going to start mine off by teaching my first
quilt workshop solo!
Wish me luck.



  1. LOLOLOLOL. You are too funny! I lived in So. Cal. for nine years, and so I know the seasons don't really change there. I called the seasons "coat" and "no coat". That's all anybody needs to know about the weather there.

  2. Ha! I love your take on the theme! Great job! Now I'm hungry for a juicy orange!


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