Wednesday, October 19, 2011

TLC Racers

That's me, peeking over the top!

Last Saturday I taught my very first
TLC Quilters guild workshop,
all by myself!

I taught the Jelly Roll Race quilt
and we had a lot of fun.

2 of my sample tops

My first instruction to my students was this:
"Take out all of your strips,
fluff them up
and put 'em in a big pile on the table!"

This one had all of her strips neatly separated by color
and wound around cardboard tubes!

There were batiks, civil war repros, Halloween,
red-white-&-blues, and Christmas strips.

Making sure there weren't any twists.
An impossible task!

Out of the 8 students that were sewing,
5 of them had completed tops by the end of the workshop!
A 6th one emailed me on Monday, that she finished her top on Sunday.  I think that's pretty good!

Here they are, in order of finishing:


Look how it divided itself - dark on one side, light on the other!



And the whole crew:

Laura~Marlene~Carol~Dawn~Jean~Jenel~Lydia~Donna~Mary Ann

They were wonderful students!

They've made me start thinking about
what I could do in another workshop.



  1. I bet you all had a great day!! Those Jelly Roll quilts are so clever!! I can just imagine getting tangled up in the strips!!

  2. How interesting Cat Patches lead me to you. I think I knew you, does Elizabeth A. ring a bell? Anyway congrats on teaching your first guild meeting all alone. To funny when you told the girl with her strips on tubes that they needed fluffed up and mixed up.


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